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Bangladesh Botanical Society was established in 1972. Professor Dr. Md. Abul Bashar is the present President and Professor Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed is the current Secretary General of the society. The total number of members is over 2975 of which 541 are life members. The society is regularly publishing popular articles in one issue of Bengali journal named "Udvid Barta" and scientific articles in four issues of Bangladesh Journal of Botany.


(Bangladesh J. Bot.)

Vol. 48

No. 1

2019 March



Vikas Kumar Sharma and Anil Kumar Godara

Growth responses of strawberry (<i>Fragaria × Ananassa</i> Duch.) plants grown at different planting density using PVC pipe under protected cultivation

Dry matter production and radiation use efficiency of pulses grown under different light conditions

KN Manoj, MR Umesh, YM Ramesh, SR Anand and Sangu Angadi

Emre Sevindik

In silico analysis of putative polyphenol oxidases in olive using bioinformatics tools

Munawar Shahzad, Sultan Habibullah Khan, Muhammad Sajjad, Aziz-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Nadeem and Abdus Salam Khan

Allelic composition at <i>GLU</i> genes in a collection of spring wheat germplasm

Ajay Verma, V Kumar, AS Kharab and GP Singh

Quantification of G × E interaction for feed barley genotypes by parametric and non-parametric measures

Amm Golam Adam and Nargis Jahan

Effects of sowing time on growth and yield performance of six high yielding varieties of wheat (<i>Triticum aestivum</i> L.)

Azize Demirpolat, Gulden Dogan and Eyup Bagci

Morphological and anatomical investigation of three Scandix species from Turkey

Tahir Mehmood, Tasmia Saman, Muhammad Asgher, Muhammad Irfan, Zahid Anwar, Fareeha Nadeem and Ayesha Siddiqa

Optimization of cultural parameters for pectin methylestrase and polygalacturonase production from <i>Schizophyllum</i> commune in solid state fermentation

Manoj Kumar Singh, Amit Mishra, Naveen Khanal and Saroj Kumar Prasad

Effects of sowing dates and mulching on growth and yield of wheat and weeds (<i>Phalaris minor</i> Retz.)

Vijay Sharma, NS Dodiya, RB Dubey and Rumana Khan

Combining ability analysis in bread wheat (<i>Triticum aestivum</i> (L.) Em. Thell) under different environmental conditions

Baoguo Zhu, Chunfeng Zhang, Huibin Jia, Qingying Meng, Nannan Wang, Enjun Kuang, Libo Zhang, Xiaohui Shen and Xuedong Gao

Effects of drip irrigation on spring soybean (<i>Glycine max</i> (L.) Merr.) growth and soil physical indexes of Heilongjiang province of China

Wajid Khan, Jehan Bakht, Bilal Muhammad Khan, Ijaz Naeem, Muhammad Nazir Uddin and Bilal A Padder

Morphometric and genetic characterization of medicinally important accessions of <i>Physalis ixocarpa</i> Brot.

Hossein Vatan Doost, Raouf Seyed Sharifi, Salim Farzaneh and Davood Hasan Panah

Effects of bio- and chemical-organic fertilizers on yield, some physiological traits and fatty acids composition of canola

Muneeb Ahmad Wani, Ambreena Din, FU Khan, Raiz Ahmed Lone, Gazanfer Gani, Shameen Iqbal and Imtiyaz Tahir Nazki

Impact of foliar nutrient sprays, crop and spatial manipulation on seed yield of <i>Callistephus chinensis</i> (L.) Nees 129

Sudheer Kumar Annepu, Sharma VP, Anupam Barh, Satish Kumar, Mahantesh Shirur and Shwet Kamal

Effects of genotype and growing substrate on bio-efficiency of gourmet and medicinal mushroom, <i>Lentinula edodes</i> (Berk.) Pegler

Prasann Kumar and Shweta Pathak

Responsiveness index of sorghum (<i>Sorghum bicolor</i> (L.) Moench) grown under cadmium contaminated soil treated with putrescine and mycorrhiza

Santosh Ranva, YV Singh, Neelam Jain and Deva Ram Bajiya -

Influence of natural saferock mineral on soil micro-bilogical parameters under rice-wheat cropping system

Mohammad Nurul Islam, Aneesa Ansari and RH Sarker

Tomato leaf curl Patna virus causing tomato leaf curl disease in Bangladesh

Mohammad Anwarul Karim, Md Khalid Hossain, Md Abdullah Al-Mansur, Md Shafiullah Shajib and Mohammad A Rashid

Isolation of zizyberenalic acid and biological studies of <i>Ziziphus mauritiana</i> Lam. growing in Bangladesh

Samir Kr Biswas, HG Prakesh, Ram Palat and Javed Bahar

Induced synthesis of defense molecules in tomato (<i>Solamum lycopercicum</i> L.) against fusarium wilt through plant extracts

Amina Abd El-Hamid Aly, Rabab Waheed Maraei and Ibrahim Aldrussi

Changes in peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase activity and transcript levels of related genes in two egyptian bread wheat cultivars (<i>Triticum aestivum</i> L.) affected by gamma irradiation and salinity stress

Mohd Abdul Halim Bin Baharun Azahar, Abdul Shukor Juraimi, Mohd Rafii Yusof, Abdul Rahim Harun, SM Samsuzzaman and Md Kamal Uddin

Morphological mutants of <i>Zoysia japonica</i> Steud. induced by gamma ray irradiation

Kazi Nahida Begum and Sheikh Shamimul Alam -

Genetic diversity in nine chickpea (<i>Cicer arietinum</i> L.) varieties based on different molecular markers

Short Communications

Bi Shu-Feng and Zhang Qiao-Yun

Chemical composition of the essential oil of <i>Photinia serrulata</i> L. flowers

The Society gratefully acknowledges the financial support received from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the University of Dhaka towards the publication of this Journal.